Redefining Innovation: From Closed Models to New Paradigms

Hello, I’m Maurizio, your guide through the transformative world of Business Innovation. In this compelling episode, we take a historical dive into the evolution of innovation practices, focusing on the shift from Closed Innovation to new paradigms. We’ll start by examining the traditional closed innovation model, exploring its principles, applications, and limitations that once dominated the business world. We’ll uncover how this model has been challenged and redefined over time, leading to more open and collaborative approaches. In the second segment, we delve into influential literature that has shaped our understanding of closed innovation, providing insights and frameworks that continue to influence how companies innovate today.

This episode is crafted for thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about understanding how innovation’s past shapes its future.

Join us as we navigate the transition from rigid, closed systems to dynamic, open frameworks in innovation, shedding light on how these changes impact the creation and development of new ideas in the business landscape.


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