Unveiling TRIZ: The Master Key to Systematic Innovation

Hello, I’m Maurizio, your guide through the transformative world of Business Innovation, and in this episode we explore the world of TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, which revolutionized the landscape of innovation. Developed by Genrich Altshuller in the Soviet Union, TRIZ emerges as a powerful methodology that transcends conventional problem-solving by applying a structured, principled approach to innovation. We explore its origins, evolution, and the dual nature of its application in both Closed and Open Innovation settings. Additionally, we review two compelling books, “Triz Basics” by Vladimir Petrov and “Duality revolution” by Yevgeny B. Karasik, unraveling how TRIZ’s principles extend beyond engineering, impacting various industries and fostering a universal culture of inventive thinking.

This episode is crafted for thinkers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and anyone passionate about understanding how innovation’s past shapes its future.

Join us as we navigate the transition from rigid, closed systems to dynamic, open frameworks in innovation, shedding light on how these changes impact the creation and development of innovation in the business landscape.


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